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The Complete Guide for Boxing Training at Home

You don't need to get an expensive gym membership to become a better fighter. You can get started training boxing from home with just a few pieces of equipment. And, you may actually end up getting a better workout in after all!

We know what you're thinking - I don't have the space or the budget for a heavy bag, speed bag, and all the other gear I'd need to get a solid training session in!

But hear us out - because contrary to popular belief, you really don't need all that much to get a solid boxing workout in. In some cases, you can spend under $50 on the essentials!

In this guide, we're going to cover all the benefits of training for boxing at home, and how you can get started quickly on a budget.

We'll offer some advice for those who want to get their workouts done without any equipment, and then we'll also make some suggestions for those with a bit of a budget for their new home gym.

What Are The Benefits Of Training For Boxing At Home?

Let's be honest, nothing beats the atmosphere in a boxing gym. Everyone is training towards the same goal, and the environment can't easily be recreated at home.

Plus, everything you need is accessible - plenty of heavy bags, speedbags, jump ropes, and even weights and machinery if you're lucky enough. There, you even have access to training partners you can spar with.

So we aren't going to lie and say getting yourself into a professional boxing facility sucks - however, it certainly isn't for everyone.

If you're just starting, there's no doubt that the atmosphere in those gyms can be a bit overwhelming or intimidating. Plus, they're pretty expensive - you can expect to spend hundreds of dollars a month in some gyms!

When you train boxing at home, you save money and enjoy the convenience of working out in your garage, backyard, or even your bedroom!

Can You Really Get A Good Home Boxing Workout In?

Those who oppose training boxing from home are typically under the impression that their training will be very limited.

However, that isn't true.

There is plenty you can do at home, and in some cases, you're better off foregoing the boxing gym and just training at home anyways.

Some of the best fighters in history have come from very humble beginnings, where they had very little to work with training-wise. And yet, they made it work. So why can't you?

If you spend the $50-100 it takes to get some good equipment, you'll end up getting a better workout than you think - all while saving a ton of money in the long run.

What Should Your Home Boxing Training Consist Of?

Before we can recommend you any specific exercises, workouts, or equipment - we want to talk about how you should structure your training in general.

Boxing is unlike any other sport, so follow boxing-specific recommendations. Most trainers call for a good balance of strength training, endurance exercise, and technique enhancement.

All three of these are key to becoming a better boxer. But, you'll want to evaluate your own specific weaknesses and spend more time on that element in particular.

For example - if you have a hard time landing your combos, then spend less time in the weight room and more time shadow boxing or hitting the heavy bag.

Or, perhaps you're trying to fill out your weight class a bit more - in that case, you'd want to be sure your strength training is dialed in to help you compete. Just be sure that you aren't ever disregarding any of the three altogether!

How Can I Train Boxing At Home Without Equipment?

There's no doubt that training boxing at home has its benefits - but how do you actually do it? There are tons of great exercises you can draw on to create your training regimen.

As we just mentioned, your training needs to consist of strength training, endurance training, and technique training.

We're going to share some ways you can touch on all three of these from home, starting with most people's least favorite - endurance exercises.

Endurance Exercises - Jumping Rope, Running, Shadow Boxing.

Everyone loves to practice their jab cross hook or work on their boxing stance. But one of the most important aspects of your training is the stuff nobody likes - conditioning.

You need to be able to go the distance, keeping your stamina up round and after round. If you burn out after the first round, you'll never make it to round 10.

The only piece of equipment you need to for a simple endurance-focused boxing workout would be a jump rope - and even that isn't mandatory to get started.

If you don't have access to one of these for whatever reason, running will be good enough until you can get your hands on a jump rope.

Once you've got the conditioning aspect of your boxing workout figured out, you're ready to move onto the next step - strength training exercises.

Strength Training Exercises - Bodyweight, Resistance Bands, Weights, and More

While none of your fights will be won in the weight room, every boxer needs to emphasize strength training. That knockout power is an asset worth working towards. But a stronger boxer will also have a stronger guard, making them better defensively, too.

While weights and resistance equipment are really helpful when it comes to boxing workouts, you can get by without them if need be. Pushups, pullups, and plyometric-type exercises are a great start.

And, you can do all of these exercises without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Granted, these movements won't turn you into the strongest fighter in the ring - they're better than nothing and free!

However, we will share a unique strength training tool for boxers right now - read on to the end to discover it!

Technique Training - Shadow Boxing, Heavy Bag, Speedbag

Training to become better conditioned and stronger is just part of the battle - you also need to train your fighting technique - your boxing stance and combos.

Even the strongest, best-conditioned person on the planet has no chance in the ring if they can't piece their combos together and actually land strikes while protecting against strikes too.

This is why shadow boxing is a great at-home boxing workout to try. You don't need any equipment or an opponent to spar against. You can practice your jab cross hook without ever leaving your bedroom!

If you record yourself while shadow boxing, you'll be able to evaluate your stance and technique and make adjustments.

Of course, you can also consider investing in a heavy bag and/or speedbag. You don't even necessarily need a new one - it's very likely someone in your community is selling a used one on the Facebook marketplace or craigslist!

How To Get The Best Home Boxing Training Session - What Equipment Do You Need?

The three types of training and specific exercises we outlined above are great ways to get started training boxing from home. What specific gear do you actually need to get started, though?

We aren't going to pretend you aren't going to be a bit limited if you don't acquire at least a few pieces of equipment.

If you really want to progress and become better and better at what you do, you'll need to invest in some gear to take your training to the next level.

Don't worry though, you don't need to spend too much to get the essentials. And investing in health & your goals is always worth it!

Buy A Speed Bag & Heavy Bag To Hone Technique

If you're going to be training boxing from home, two of the most important pieces of training equipment you'll need are a heavy bag and a speed bag.

This sort of goes without saying, right?

Part of your boxing workouts needs to be time spent hitting the heavy bag and practicing your combos. Shadowboxing is great, but actually making contact with your strikes is another thing.

And if you're looking to improve your coordination and hand speed, the speed bag is the best way to go about this.

If you're really on a budget, though, you might be better off without any of the bags - once you start doing a little shopping, you'll quickly realize how expensive quality heavy bags and speed bag setups are.

Eventually, you will need to get a heavy bag if you're going to be taking your boxing workouts seriously. In the meantime, though, you can stretch your budget a bit further by grabbing some of these more unique pieces of training equipment.

The Boxing Reflex Ball

The speedbag is awesome because you get to work on hand speed, hand-eye connection, and get an all-around great workout in.

But honestly, the standard speed bag does fall short in actually transferring over to the ring. Think about it like this - is your opponent going to be standing in one spot letting you speedbag their face over and over?

No - they'll be mobile, circling the ring, trying to gain an advantage on you. You need a training modality that doesn't just train your hand speed and connection - but it moves around with you, too.

That's what the Boxing Reflex Ball does - it attaches to your head and moves as you move. It forces you to work on your timing, reflexes, accuracy, and more!

This serves as one of the best ways you can warm up for or cool down from your actual boxing workout. It's incredibly challenging, and at just $20 - this training tool belongs in your toolbox if you're going to be training boxing at home.

The Power Punch Pro - Protect Your Joints While Training Boxing At Home

You probably know you should be strength training - but weights aren't the best approach - and a full set is incredibly expensive.

Not only will movements like bench press, shoulder press, rows, etc. not have much carryover to boxing - they can be detrimental to your joints, preventing you from fighting at 100%.

So how do you get stronger?

Simple - invest in the Power Punch Pro, a unique training tool that some of the top boxers around the world have now come to rely on.

This resistance band trainer allows you to increase the difficulty of your shadowboxing sessions. When you incorporate it into your training, you'll be training your body to punch quicker and harder.

Plus, you'll be simultaneously training your guard! The offense is only half the battle, so training a stronger, more impenetrable guard is key.

Join the 6,000+ fighters around the globe who are gaining an edge over their competition with the Power Punch Pro. Become more explosive, build endurance, and punch harder and quicker - all while protecting your joints from traditional weight training!

Final Thoughts On Training For Boxing At Home

Now that you know your options for at-home boxing training, it's up to you to determine how serious you are about your training.

From there, you can get all the equipment you need and coming up with a regimen that addresses your weak points and enhances your strengths to help you become a more rounded boxer!

Just be sure to accompany any training regimen - no matter how strenuous - with a thorough recovery program as well.

This will consist of your diet, your sleep, and how much mobility work you do. All three of these are just as important as the training itself, if not more important!

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