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Boxing Resistance Bands Benefits

What if you could incorporate some form of training into your regimen that helped you punch quicker & harder, in a realistic boxing setting?

The benefits of using resistance bands for boxing are extensive, and today, we're going to unpack each and every one of them for you.

By the end of this article, you're going to be rushing to grab your own set to start training with resistance bands while shadow boxing - and you'll be well on your way to punching quicker and harder, all without putting unnecessary stress on your joints & ligaments.

First, let's start by explaining what exactly resistance band training looks like for fighting, and then we'll cover all the benefits of incorporating this into your own training!

How Do You Use Resistance Bands For Boxing?

Resistance training is important for every sport. But as it pertains to boxing specifically, you need to be smart about how you incorporate it into your training.

Typical weight training isn't necessarily bad, but it's not very sport-specific to fighting. If anything - hitting the weights too hard will slow you down and prevent you from achieving the goal at hand - becoming a better boxer.

That's why we love using resistance band training.

Shadow Boxing With Resistance Bands Offers Strength, Endurance, & Specificity

They offer the ability to shadow box and train your punch technique along with your speed and strength - the ultimate trifecta in terms of boxing training.

Weights will just make you bigger and stronger at those particular movements - like squats, bench press, etc.

There will be carry-over to boxing to some extent, but not much. The same applies to trying to build up your endurance by running or biking.

You'll increase your muscular endurance to some extent while increasing your cardiovascular capabilities - but it won't be specific to the type of endurance you need for 12 rounds of boxing.

By shadowboxing with resistance bands, you build up strength and endurance within a fighting scenario - it doesn't get any better than this!

So with all that said, let's take a look at some of the specific boxing resistance band benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Resistance Bands For Boxing?

There are four specific benefits of resistance bands for boxing that we want to highlight today - increased power, increased muscular endurance, a stronger guard, and protection for your joints.

Let's start with how these can increase your knockout power.

They'll Help You Increase Power To Earn More Knockouts

First and foremost, practicing boxing with resistance bands will obviously increase your punching power.

The bench press, shoulder press, etc. are great movements for those who want to get stronger presses - if you're competing in powerlifting or bodybuilding, these are great exercises to increase power and strength across the board,

But for boxing, the bench press won't have a ton of carry-over to your knockout power. This is because punching utilizes a ton of different muscle groups, whereas the bench press just uses 2-3.

By adding some weighted resistance to your swing while training with the heavy bag, a few things are going to happen - the most obvious of which is you'll punch harder when you remove the resistance from the equation.

If you're looking to gain that knockout power that helps you end fights in the first round, you need to strengthen your strikes and your combinations - and resistance band training will do exactly that.

Gain More Muscular Endurance In The Ring

Going 5-10 rounds in the ring is brutal - and you need to make sure you're equipped to go the distance, and not burn out inside the first three rounds.

Traditional endurance training for boxing falls short in making sure your upper body is just as conditioned as your lower.

Adding light resistance bands while you shadow box, and trying to push yourself 30+ minutes without a break - your conditioning is going to go through the roof.

And unlike when you hop on the treadmill or bike, this endurance will actually transition into the ring!

Build A Strong, Impenetrable Guard

Throwing powerful strikes is only half the battle when it comes to fighting.

You also need to protect yourself from your opponent's punch combinations - which is where your guard comes in.

If you're new to combat sports, you might not realize how difficult keeping your guard up for an entire fight is. Those who have weak guards get exposed during later rounds as their hands start to drop.

To prevent this from happening with you, you should incorporate resistance band training into your regimen. Here's why:

As you train with these resistance bands on your wrists, you'll have to work a lot harder to keep your hands up in front of your face. The resistance band is going to try and pull them down, and you'll have to fight to keep them up.

Similar to how you'll then punch harder & quicker without the resistance bands attached, you'll find that without the bands - your guard is stronger than ever.

Protect Your Joints While Training Hard

Another reason we don't love the idea of weight training for boxers is that it can really deteriorate your joints, soft tissue, and ligaments.

Again, we have to consider why you're training in the first place - to become a better boxer, right?

So anything that could be detrimental to your performance in the ring, or your longevity in this sport, should be avoided.

When you undertake resistance band training instead, you don't have to worry about this problem. That's because when you use resistance bands, there is far less impact on your joints, protecting them while helping you get bigger, stronger, and faster.

sustainability is important in every sport - you don't want to kill yourself trying to become the best you can, you want to be methodical with your training. It's a marathon - not a sprint!

Final Thoughts On The Benefits Of Resistance Band Training For Boxing

Now that we've covered all the boxing resistance band benefits, you are probably wondering where you can get yours so you can get started today.

One of the best things about this style of training is that it's very cost-effective, and can be done pretty much anywhere.

The Power Punch Pro Full Body Resistance Trainer will help you achieve all the benefits we've discussed above and more.

6,000+ fighters around the globe currently use it in their training regimen, so why not give it a try for yourself and see what all the hype is about?

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With all this value, investing in your resistance bands is a no-brainer. Grab yours and get on the path to becoming the best boxer you can be!


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