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Power Punch Pro


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With the current times and gyms being closed, this came in handy big time! This is all you really need for a full body resistance workout. As a professional boxer and mixed martial artist - this is the truth.

Chris S

Love it! These will make your punching and kicking muscles stronger but also helps you focus on your form. Good for any one practicing MMA or kickboxing.

Yorgan D.

Really good! This item got to my home in a timely fashion and is great. It’s durable, the resistance adds to my punching and kicking power. I use it for every shadow boxing and heavy bag workout. Perfect training equipment for runners and fighters alike.

Amir K.

Can't complain at all! This thing is no Joke. It's a high quality product at a very fair price. I look forward to workouts thanks to the Power Punch Pro. It makes a 30 min workout feel like I get much more out of it. Well Done!

Paul H

Actually works very well! Works way better than I expected. The pricing is really good for the quality of product. I actually like training my boxing now haha, Thank you Power Punch Pro! 

Ben G
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